Many people asked what can you change about the humble wetsuit boot? Simple. You make them better.

  • Fourth Element – A leader in high end wetsuits and drysuit undergarments – added engineered fin strap retainers that prevent the fins trap from riding up onto the Achilles tendon.
  • They’ve used more flexible neoprene to make them easier to get on and zip up.
  • Speaking of zips – 4th E. put a stopper on the zip so that it stays up during your dive.
  • But the real secret is on the inside. They have made these boots into the most comfortable, supportive dive boots on the market with the addition of a purpose designed footbed to provide warmth, cushioning and support.

You are used to wearing shoes suitable for every sport you pursue, from football to hockey. 4th Element has designed a boot for people who consider diving to be their sport.